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Monday, March 11, 2013

Cat Needs You; You Need Her

A reader reports that a confident kitty connived her way in her house the other day and worked her way into her heart. And so I am asking that you consider bringing "Overhead Cam," as I'm tentatively calling her, into your life, because you love cats, and because O.C. sounds like a real winner, the sort of cat that you'll love with all your heart, like a little baby, until you have an actual baby, maybe, in which case Overhead Cam will go back to being just a cat again, like our cats did. Below are the details on Overhead Cam. Please do consider sending an email to If you change your mind after a few months it's fine to post on craigslist and give her to someone else; no one will give you a hard time about it the way they would if you tried to pass along a human baby after a few months of sleepless nights. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. From the rescuer:

We’ve learned that she was actually found by others during the Nemo snow storm (mid February) and has been living in their basement since then (they have 2 other cats and they didn’t get along). She ran out of their house and into ours a few days ago. The chances that we find the original owners after so much time are very slim. She has been taken to the ASPCA by the previous rescuers and has been spayed, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV virus and vaccinated. They were told she is 2 years old or so – though to me she seems younger. She would best fit a house as a single cat and with older kids. Is a great companion, likes to give and get attention.Her endearing characteristics:
·         Follows you like a dog, everywhere you go she goes…
·         Inquisitive, playful and amusing to interact with
·         Likes to sit on your lap and cuddle
·         Learns fast (litter trained, sleeps in a cat bed, uses a scratching poll – all after showing her only once)
·         Has a very long elongated nose. Looks like she has an overbite – really cute…

Please consider adopting this sweet and interesting cat! The non-kill shelters are full and I am hoping she finds a deserving home. We can’t keep her for much longer since we have a cat and they don’t get along. Please share this email with other email lists or friends to increase her chances of finding a home. Come for a house visit to meet her! If someone wants to adopt her we can help transport the cat if need be (we have a cat carrier). If you are a newbie with cats we have an extra litter box if they need, a cat bed she likes to sleep in and some food to get started. Call 718-541 9531


ElizabethC said...

Try Barbara the cat lady: woman who runs private animal rescue for cats over on Parade Place. She is a bone fide 501(3)C rescuer who placed a cat that was abandoned next to my building last year. She is our neighborhoods best kept cat secret.

Anonymous said...

I just shared this with two very active cat rescue blogger friends who place cats in homes so hopefully this great cat can go straight into a forever home. Thank you to the two families who made the efforts and spent the money to rescue and vet this poor cat! You saved her life.

Anonymous said...

I wish my building allowed pets. They don't and one of these days they will change their minds. This sounds like the perfect cat for me. Affectionate and trainable..

I am so hoping that this lovely cat finds a wonderful place. She sounds terrific.

ElizabethC said...

Yes, absolutely better for the sweetie to get a forever home. But Barb is a great resource.

T said...

ANy updates on this sweet kitty? Icannot access the email for some reason.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'm checking...will give an update shortly.