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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Makeover Time For The Q Plaza

If you missed last Sunday's meeting at PlayKids regarding the attempt to remake Parkside Avenue, have no fear. Pictures are here! The indefatigable In Cho volunteered her skills and time to make a rendering that has now been presented to the DOT as an ideal use of their Plaza Program. If you recall, Rudy and company over at The Parkside Prize applied to DOT's plaza program last summer, only to be told they don't do major greening projects so close to the park. BUT, in the case of the Parkside Q, they'd help out by providing elements, from street trees and planters to benches and granite blocks, to improve the triangle and give it a major facelift. The catch? We as a community must help support it, financially, programmatically and maintenance-wise. And so, given the elements at our disposal, this is what In came up with. Drum roll....

Perhaps you recall her winning design from the Parkside Prize? It kicked butt, but who knew we'd have a chance to realize at least parts of the plan? Here was her utopian vision:

 I'm not entirely sure I don't like the new design better. Especially cuz you can't plant street trees over the train itself, which runs diagonally out of the station. And IT'S the one that actually stands a chance of happening. Now, there's a long way to go. Not least we need Pioneer Supermarket's buy-in, cuz they're gonna need to change to their chaotic delivery and canning situation. And we'll need them to help water the street trees, especially in their first years. There are lots of other things to discuss, but most important now is to get elected officials on board, some commitments of resources from them, and perhaps run a campaign to raise funds for the actual plants in the DOT's planters. A leadership group has been formed to project mange this, and if you want to be more involved please, please email me and I'll forward your info. Very cool. And here's another view of the proposed elements in context. (FYI, the tree size represents the canopy, not the tree pit itself.)


Alex said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tim! The plan looks great - silly that there's no funding available because it's too close to the park.

Is DOT still going to redo that intersection? I remember seeing a plan that included a pedestrian island in the middle of Ocean, and bigger build outs of the sidewalk at all four corners. Seems like they implemented the bare minimum to make the intersection a bit safer, but not by much. Does DOT have plans to continue the work?

Anonymous said...

I will speak to Hector the manager at PIONEER. It is in their best interest to help.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

Hey, Anon at 12:26pm (and anyone else who's interested in helping), drop us a line! We'd love to coordinate.

Anonymous said...

It's about time! I really like the 1st one the best, but the 2nd one isn't bad, either.

With the rehab of Eastern Parkway & the Plaza nearly completed, it's high time this long neglected side of the park get the attention it most certainly deserves.

If Prospect Park West is considered the CPW of Brooklyn, Ocean Avenue can be Fifth Avenue (or close!)

Anonymous said...

If you missed last Sunday's meeting at PlayKids regarding the attempt to remake Parkside Avenue, have no fear. evergreens