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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Councilman Eugene Scores Killer Crash Pad

Kudos to Ditmas Park Corner and newcomer Sebastien Malo for his piece on Mathieu Eugene's remarkable good fortune in finding affordable apartment rentals. Some of you may not have lived in the area long enough to know that back in '07 when Eugene first ran for office in a weird 10 candidate special election in a brisk February, he forgot to move into the district on election day, meaning that we all had to vote all over again costing the City tens of thousands of dollars. No matter, we just trotted out the machines all over again and a very few thousand people voted him in a second time. I was one of the many Flatbushians to get to vote for the Haitian Sensation a second time in what was one truly bizarre election, doubling my joy at sending the good doctor to City Hall to represent the fightin' 40th. I then voted for him again in 2009 when he ran against two unseasoned politicians, even though in all honestly Mr. Eugene had done little at that point to distinguish himself. It was early on in his tenure though, and the guy is charming.

It's been a full six years and a few months however since that cold February, and the people of Flatbush should now know their councilperson very, very well indeed. If you've lived here most of your life, I'm sure you know him and have met him and can even compare him favorably or unfavorably to his predecessors the Clarkes, Yvette and her mother Una. Perhaps you've gotten to know other council people too, like Tish James or former councilman Bill de Blasio or Jumaane Williams or Brad Lander. Or maybe you've gotten to know some of the people running against Eugene, or running for Tish's seat, people like Saundra Thomas or Sylvia Kinard or Ede Fox or Laurie Cumbo or Jessie Hamilton or...

Yes. It's election season. And because NYC is Democratic, it's all gonna be decided on September 10. That means, get registered, or move your registration if you've moved, because you gotta be in it to win it. And these local elections really do get won by a matter of a few votes.

And read that piece by Sebastien Melo. It's a hoot. The gist, as far as I can tell, is that our councilman never really wanted to be on the council so much as he really, really, really wanted that great deal on an apartment. And in NYC, people will go to ANY lengths to get a cheap apartment.


babs said...

The comparison between Eugene and the Clarkes may be valid, as he was the candidate chosen by them to continue their dynasty here. Comparing him to any of the other council member you mention truly reveals how under-served and neglected our district is compared to theirs. I am happy to say I have voted against him every chance I got.

On September 10, I am voting for ABE - anybody but Eugene, but most likely for Saundra Thomas. A candidate who doesn't need to pretend she lives here (although I object to her calling this neighborhood Prospect-Lefferts rather than by its full name).

diak said...

Mr Eugene belongs in Albany. He'd fit right in with that inert and ethically challenged crowd.

(And my "prove your not a robot" word is "senator" — maybe it's a sign!)

ElizabethC said...

I still can't even believe that Eugene didn't bother showing up for the candidate debates at the Shirley Chisolm Democratic Club. We had mayoral candidates who took the time to explain their position...but not our standing Councilperson. He's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you voted for him three times especially as there were nine better candidates on the first ballot (well, at least, coherent candidates). I'm with Babs and voting ABE.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Kinard or Saundra Thomas should drop out and form an alliance in order to remove Eugene from office. The more candidates that are in the race the more likely this "Doctor" is to hold on to his seat.

ElizabethC said...

Having listened to both women I think that's unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is unlikely but it is the easiest way to get Eugene out of office. This is easier said then done, especially if you are the candidate that would be dropping out.

As the Q points out, just by mentioning names such as Tish and Lander the 40th district is clearly shortchanged. Eugene has no novel ideas or interest in governing.

But I must say i feel bad for his staff. Sit in a meeting and watch their faces contort as Eugene rambles. Specifically his Chief of Staff(Mike) and Budget Director(Heather). I know people in the area who took classes with his new Chief of Staff when he was teaching political science at Brooklyn College( he may still teach night courses ) and he's a solidly progressive guy but it's obvious Eugene doesn't listen or he has lost his progressive streak. Both of which are bad news since for all this talk Eugene is still the favorite to win. I really hope I'm wrong about that.

Danny D. Hairston Jr said...


I believe that the "Prospect-Lefferts" classification was done as a "space saving" decision by the graphic designer.

Please know that I will forward your concerns to Saundra and the staff and we will work to take corrective measures in that regard.

Thank you for your support!

babs said...

Wow - thanks for that. I wasn't really that upset, but it would be good if our official name could be used.

Go Saundra!