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Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Say Tomato, I Say Ganja, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Hilarious story of a Lefferts Avenue mix-up in today's NY Daily News. Seems neither the Super nor the Cops could tell whether a bunch of tomato plants left on a roof were actually Mary Jane sprouts, Zombie Weed, Muggie, Wacky Terbacky or any of 500 other slang terms for Marijuana.
Todd Maisel, photo
Thanks Adam B. for the tip!


Frank Rovella said...

Yo Q, It is well known that tomatoes contain nicotine, so dear god stop the madness. Think about the children.
Thank goodness for that big ole NYPD training budget, it's times like these that I'm proud to be a carnivore.
I think this is more sinister than simple stupidity, it's the fist salvo of the governments new war on vegetarians.

Bob Marvin said...

Those love apples, AKA tomatoes, are poison, POISON I tell you! After all, they're related to deadly night shade. Much worse than mary jane! Those police officers were just protecting us from LOVE APPLE MADNESS!

Oh wait; Ginos is my favorite neighborhood restaurant. NEVER MIND :-)

Anonymous said...

Tomatoes?!!? Dammit I was told those were marijuana seeds!!!

And then the coppers took my plants anyway. I could have used the tomatoes for a nice sandwich at least.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Everybody knows tomatoes are a gateway vegetable...

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they looked off the roof they would see a real crime!