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Monday, May 13, 2013

Who's Watching the Cameras That Are Watching, Anyway?

Always vigilant Elizabeth C. noted a couple weeks ago that the security cameras at the Parade Grounds, the ones local residents fought hard to have installed after multiple violent incidents, have been neglected and may be more unplugged than an aging grunge band.
One of the locals who led the charge to get the cameras went out and checked on them, and that started a cascade of questions. Like...who's looking at these things anyway? Are they just meant as deterrents, and if so, how much of a deterrent are they? Does anyone check up on their functioning? Is there a feed, or are they just storing video for AFTER the crime?

Anyhoo, Nora at Ditmas Park Corner picked up on the story, and you can read about it here:

Speaking of "unplugged," how about checking out this Flatbushian Jeffrey Stirewalt who gives tours of the area under the moniker Brooklyn Unplugged. At the Q, segues are always on our menu!

Thanks to all the Caledonians keeping a lookout for trouble and/or joy in the dense Flatbush to Parade Place, Parkside to Caton micro-nabe that has yet to grab a proper name for itself. (C'mon y'all, get cracking!) The area is rich in pre-war buildings with big apartments, and will soon find itself host to a new giant neighbor in 123 on the Park, the massive apartment complex currently (slowly) being developed from the skeleton of the old Caledonian Hospital. And yes folks, it was very much a working hospital, not so long ago.

Out of respect for the old hospital and its importance to the neighborhood, developer Joseph Chetrit has vowed to create an artisinal shoppe on the ground floor, a place to get 20 varieties of extra-virgins (olive oil, that is) 24-hours a day. It will lovingly be called "The Emergency Room," a one-top shoppe for after-hours gourmands. 


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Steve F said...

Well, as far as neighborhood names go, here are two easy ones:
1. Crooke-lyn
2. St. Pauly (like the red light district in Hamburg, but with a y)