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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Stuff

The wait is officially over. The formerly "People's Choice" Jamaican joint, formerly before that "Exquisite" Jamaican joint, is now to be "Fisherman's Cove" Jamaican joint. I know there are those who will be disappointed, but frankly if the food is good I'll happily take out from this place before Peppa's. The Super from the building housing Peppa's not only confirmed that they barbecue and smoke out the neighborhood in the back alley, but she's personally seen with her own eyes reasons not to trust the food's adequate separation from the alley's wildlife. I'll leave it to your imagination - it's not exactly a place where only deer and antelope play.

I'm a big fan of Island food - just the other day I asked the guy at Guyanese-Chinese place De Bamboo Express to serve me up something HE'd order, and got a shrimp curry dish that was outrageously delicious and over-the-top spicy. So yeah, a bit more diversity (that word again) of food options would be nice, but there's actually a lot more diversity in the food than meets the eye. There's always Scoops, which restauranteur Saul Bolton of Michelin rated Saul's gave a major thumbs up right here on the Q. And I'm happy to see something bright, cheery and fishy on the block.

Speaking of fishy...awaiting the train today I snapped a picture of this piece of refuse:

I think y'all already know how the Q feels about littering, but I had to ask people really walk around with cans of sardines and just pop 'em open and snarf them down while waiting for the train? I'm no Agatha Christie or even Encyclopedia Brown, but that's the conclusion I came to given this striking piece of evidence. I mean, there are no feral cats down there to speak of. And what if you don't have a fork? Do you just drink 'em down like the dregs of soup?

I'm reminded of the day Mrs. Q and I sat in the waiting room to get a sonogram of Little Miss Q Jr. number 2. Across from us was a man who popped open a can of Chef Boyardee Mini Raviolis and started eating 'em with a pen. Not a fork...apparently he had no fork. (I like to say "before thou judgeth a man, walk a mile in his shoes with no fork, so yes I did empathize). Poor guy just used the only utensil he had on him; maybe he'd been forkless his whole life, I don't know. A sign clearly stated "No Food or Drink," but you almost had to let it slide with that level of bravado. His 8-month pregnant wife didn't seem to mind at all. Are there some cultures where eating with a pen is considered acceptable? What do I know...chock it up to "diversity" I guess.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, Chef Boyardee was a REAL guy. He was from Cleveland, by say of Piacenza, Italy, and his real name was Ettore Boiardi. Complete story here. I guess these days, a sleuth is more likely to be called Wikipedia Brown...

And in a follow-up to our recent post about problems with mail theft, I got an email from a neighbor who's a reporter for the NY Post. I put him in touch with the guy who told me about the problem, and voila! Story in the Post! Alls the Q had to do was answer his emails. Good to know there are so many reporters and journalists in the neighborhood keeping an eye on things.

And yes, it's apparently not that hard to "fish" for mail in mail boxes by using glue traps. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use a common theme (fish) to wrap up your news, rather than the old classic scene of using the news to wrap up your fish.

As Buffie likes to say, have a blessed and wonderful day.


Sean said...

I've heard that Peppa's is amazing but I haven't been there yet. Now I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

i've seen lots of mail on the ground, (netflix, bills, etc) next to mailbox on corner of bedford and lenox lately. more than one piece of mail at a time is a red flag for me.

Anonymous said...

wait. more about peppa's. what? I've fed my child that food - what exactly are you seeing/ saying?? eek.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Honestly I'm only repeating what the super said. For all I know, she may be talking trash. Actually, that usually IS what we talk, since she has to deal with the crazy amount of street trash left up against the three buildings she supervises. I swear she knows more about what goes on at the corner of Woodruff and Flatbush than ANYONE. Every apartment, all the hanger outers.

My opinion is eat at Peppa's if you like the food. Do any of us REALLY want to know what happens in the kitchens of our favorite places?

Anonymous said...

If you see a bunch of mail on the street and the stamp is not cancelled:
- send it to the post office to be returned
- put a sticker on the mail box to warn people

Shevonne Carrington said...

Bamboo express is a Guyanese spot not Trini

Clarkson FlatBed said...

True, true. I confused them with my other fave, De Hot Pot. Both places have a few of the same items, but it's definitely true that the tastes are different. Both are unbelievably tasty take-out joints.

The Snob said...

Followed up on your recommendation of the patties at Jamaican Pride bakery. Indeed, very good. I think they just unseated Christie's...but I'll have to double check!

Anonymous said...

Well it seems you've solved how my rent check for March never made it to the landlord, thank you Tim. I live on Lenox Rd nr Bedford and use the mailbox at the corner sometimes. I mailed my rent check around Feb.26th and the next day or so I had an unauthorized online payment out of my checking account, then a few days later another until I closed my account. The bank said all someone needed was my: name, address, account and routing numbers, everything on your checks, so I contacted the landlord and they had not gotten the rent check, of course my bank was completly understanding and I got my money returned. Looking back my regret is that I did drop the letter off in the evening so it sat there overnight. Now that I know what happened, which is too crazy to imagine, I suggest dropping your mail in the morning or just before the pick up times.