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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Green Samaritan

Anyone notice that the stumps in the tree pits on the SW corner of Lincoln Road and Ocean have become beautiful new trees, all bemulched and wearing chic gators and supported by sturdy poles?

And anyone notice the cute signs in the tree pits on Lincoln and Ocean asking neighbors not to throw trash and doo-doo in the tree pits? And anyone notice the cute little gardens sprouting up around the area, and the near absence of trash? What gives?

Well there's no reason to keep it a secret. A certain someone whose initials are Amy Musick (who, as it happens, is a public school music teacher) has been leading the charge to beautify the area around her building, and she's been doing a bang-up job of it, roping in kids from the Maple Street School, snagging free trees from the tree give-away in Kensington earlier this month, liaising with the Mayor of Lincoln Road Dynishal Gross, and generally going rah-rah gung-ho on making the area more beautiful.

If you see Amy out there cleaning up trash, or showing kids how to take care of plants or trees, give her a hearty howdy and say thanks. She's just the sort of humble do-gooder the world could use a lot more of - doing it for the love of it, not the glory. Sing on, Mrs. Musick!


Anonymous said...

I did notice!, nice one Amy

A little about me... said...

I'd love to help out, Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy! Your improvements have made a huge improvement in the neighborhood. I think the handprint signs make a real difference -- I know they've inspired me to do my own small part, picking up pieces of trash occasionally on my way to work and replanting two of the signs after a human or dog pulled them out. I hope we can all be vigilant and pitch in, knowing that there will be setbacks but if everyone puts in a tiny bit of effort on the way to work or to the park, we can keep our neighborhood clean and green. Go Amy, Go Lefferts!