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Thursday, February 19, 2015

111 Clarkson Becomes 520 Parkside To Avoid Disturbing Poltergeist

From the Haunted House of Clarkson to the Princely Pride of Parkside, I give you builder Seth Brown's ode to post-ISIS modernity:

Thanks Brownstoner's Cate!
Actually looks strikingly familiar to some older buildings on Lenox. Again though, I'm deeply troubled by how thin are the people in all these renderings. Just ONCE I'd like to see a chubby person featured. Probably a good move to keep race out of it by making these animated folks entirely, um, white.

About 50 units in all, I'd expect a net gain of about 100 people. Or 99, since the ghost of 111 has moved to East New York somewhere. Cheaper haunts.

so long, caspar!

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bcutless said...

I had stayed in that house with the Fennimore family.I lived at 659 Rogers ave with my 3 sisters n mom..There were 3 sisters theresa jeannie n mary we all went to school together...walt whitman then Erasmus .There moms name was jeannette n father joseph...The house was beautiful with wood cravings n stain glass and awesome with the large stair case up to second floor hell of a walk when sick.......Kitchen was large as a livingroom and pantry off to left as u walked un kitchen dooor and there was a large piece of land in back which later in years became a parking lot of i not mistaken......there was a a stair case down to basement oh my scary....I had satyed there when we all got sick during the world fair in the room i stayed in faced the front at top facing clarkson ave....EVERYONE WAS SPOOKED BY THAT HOUSE...LOL If they only new the beauty inside...the parlor had old mantle piece with builth in mirrors ..when you walked in front door u had large mirror to check yourself out and hooks to hang coats n put your shoes..sorry to see that land mark go....I went there years ago and man and asked man questions and wanted infor but he had made a lawyers office in front of house was very surprised I knew of old tile kitchen and pantry and staircase down to basement door only who lived or knew of house would know where abouts of things in house...we had alot of great times there.....