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Friday, May 15, 2015

Am I Rent Stabilized?

Most likely, yes. You may not know your power. You have rights. You have a lease. You are part of the much-maligned but not-to-be-dismissed system of rent regulation in NYC.

Find out whether you're at the party or not:


Lefferts resident Chris Henrick made that site/app. Thanks Chris!


ElizabethC said...

Thank you whoever made this helped me find out I am being overcharged!!!

kingscounty said...

Great resource. I used this and suspect my landlord either outright broke the law with 30-40% increases between vacancies, or heinously inflated the cost of "renovations.'

I live in Lefferts. Anybody have a suggestion for which resource listed could help me go through this information to verify I'm correct, and take legal action? There are so many listed, I'm not sure where to start.