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Sunday, May 10, 2015

More Art - Flatbush Becomes Gallery

This time the artist's name is simply "Elle," and the Q shot a pic as she decorated the corner of Lincoln Road and Flatbush, or technically Washington. Once again, mom & Patio Gardens resident Jenny Ulloa is the curator (she does other things too by the way). As if in stark relief from the much-maligned (on this blog and the Facebook page anyway) "Don't Shoot" mural, this one speaks peace love and flora. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I like this one. It's vibrant, and isn't trying too hard to be Profound Statement Art.

Serious question: what is actually involved in curating these pieces?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'm using the word facetiously. What I like about Jenny is she doesn't bitch and moan. She goes out and does it. Talks to the business owners and landlords, finds and artist and does it.

The world needs more people like that.

diak said...

This is ten times better than plain gray gates.
And one hundred times better than graffiti-tagged gates.
Flatbush Ave is so depressingly dirty and ugly so this is a great move in the opposite direction.
MORE, please!

(There are a couple of painted gates on Nostrand as well, I think.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, what a nice mural. Vibrant and welcoming

Anonymous said...

Very nice. And again, it wasn't the message that didn't work about the other one or that it was in a graffiti style (which I like) it's that it wasn't art and wasn't good. Can we find a balance between this one and the other? Doesn't have to go only in extremes.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon 6:05

Bob Marvin said...

I like this a lot and agree with Tim about people who actually DO stuff!

diak said...

Whoops, we're completely forgetting something here, aren't we?
THANK YOU, ELLE! For donating your talent and time. Great work to better our neighborhood.

And if it's not being too greedy.. if you have the time and inspiration... the cleaners has another gate around the corner on the Lincoln Road side... with pointless ugly graffiti scribbles...
Would you consider making it a triptych?! Please?

jessica said...

+1 what 6:05 and diak said.