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Friday, May 1, 2015

Come Out To Celebrate the Parkside Plaza TODAY 5-2 @ 2PM

Saturday is the big day, folks. 

365 days a year, for years and years to come, out on Parkside Plaza, you will b able to sit on the bright slender chairs, relax under the broad red umbrellas, make a picnic on the gorgeous Deer Island granite ... but this Saturday is the one and only opening day, and there will be free music, free food, and free speeches to boot!

And it's all brought to us ... by us.  We passed the hat to build this plaza, and we need to keep passing the hat, to keep this plaza looking gorgeous.  Care to chip in?

The music starts at 1pm, with steel drumming by Tropical Pan Vibes, and continues at 3pm with the Funkrust Brass Band. 

And in between there will be lively speeches by your City Councilmember and your Borough President, and a ribbon cutting featuring ten yards of green ribbon from Save-a-Thon, all of this filmed, we're told, by the folks from Channel 12. 

Drinks from Tip of the Tongue, food from Jamaican Pride, neighbors from near and far, and spring weather to boot.  Come on out!

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ElizabethC said...

Such a great day!