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Monday, May 11, 2015

Diana & Isaac - Right Where They Belong

When you hold a special election mid-term, the winner's gotta get right to work! No slowin' down this single mom...

Diana - you deserved the win, and we're counting on you (and Isaac) to do us proud. Go get 'em DeeRich!

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cheryl on parkside ave said...

Diana invited Brenda Edwards, Sue Yellin, Celeste Laci-Davis and myself to her 'swearing in' as the 43AD Assembly Member. We were so surprise when she acknowledged us individually, as well as others and the people of the 43AD for our support of her campaign, on the floor of the NYS Assembly Chambers.

Such a proud and humbling moment, watching one of our own take her seat in the NYS Assemly Chambers!!!!