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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shakespearean Caledonian Apparitions

Every once in awhile, on the internet, you just have to write a phrase that if googled in quotes will be the only result. I am quite certain that the above blog post title will stand the test of time. I'm thinking Macbeth of course.

The Q joked here about the possibility that ghosts might inhabit the old Caledonian Hospital, now known as 123 on the Park, which has been pointed out it is a bit of a stretch, since the entrance is actually around the corner. Now comes word that...folks, the ghosts are real. Too many people died in this building (probably tens of thousands over the years, don't you think? and it had a morgue in the basement! "Room for One More, Honey!") Think we're joking? The NY Post has the spook scoop.

photo: william farrington


Anonymous said...

Power of suggestion. One staff person says to the others early on, did you know this was a hospital, I bet it's haunted. And that was that. At least the rumors filter out residents who believe in ghosts. That would be a plus or me. Smarter neighbors. Along with a few ghost hunters and mediums too I guess.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Tying it all together, let me note that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar notes that more white Americans believe in ghosts than that racism exists. Sounds like a joke right? Sadly, it ain't:

He's also a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes:

My whole life I've admired that guy. Kareem that is. Sherlock, like ghosts, I would remind you, is fictional.


Anonymous said...

Tell them to call a ghost hunter or a psychiatrist.