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Monday, May 4, 2015

Long Live the Plaza

The communists were parading just minutes before BP Eric Adams and Councilman Mathieu Eugene cut the ribbon. It was a striking moment, and a reminder that the Bolsheviks still control the central apparatus. Here's Rudy and family leading the parade. Note the red in their clothing:

The Q was fortunate to have been there, at Parkside Donut, when Rudy launched his seemingly Quixotic plan. And at every step of the way, Mr. Delson was presented with challenges that would have kept a lesser man down. I've seen him deftly navigate bureaucracy and calmly keep the forces of negativity at bay. It's a special talent that he has, and one that I hope he continues to bring to the neighborhood over the years, if we're lucky enough to retain him.

Nothing  but good vibes, folks. Adams delivered a nice speech. Eugene was supportive. Let's hope that the brilliant start leads to funding in the future, pols! Cuz it ain't cheap to maintain a plaza day in and day out, bringing out tables and chairs, watering plants, keeping the place clean. As Rudy noted this is YOUR plaza. If you see some trash, pick it up. If you see someone walking off with OUR chairs, whack 'em upside the head.

The music was great. The donated food and drink from Jamaican Pride and Tip of the Tongue was the perfect complement, and yes, I will echo the dubious sentiment of high school newspapers everywhere:

"A Good Time Was Had By All"


ein sozialist unter den linden said...

Bolsheviks? The PLP are Maoists!

dibidibo said...

Any idea what brought the reds to our area? Are they here on development/gentrification issues or something else?

AlexVee said...

The plaza has been so nice this week! Now if we could only get Pioneer to shut down that horrible recycling on Parkside with shards of broken glass and a river of filth that trails it. Needs a good pressure wash!