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Friday, January 10, 2014


Two things make the serious car crash last night pre-midnight at Rogers and Midwood postworthy. One, it took place at the same intersection as the coffee house in the previous post. Mere coincidence? Yep.

Two, a picture was taken by an eagle-eye neighbor not long after the collision. Here 'tis:

Feel free to comment if you saw the crash. One hopes that injuries were minor and that there were no pedestrians at that spot.


Bob Marvin said...

It looks like the car crashed into the fence of the house at the NW corner of Midwood and Rogers (across from rthe new coffee shop). That poor house has had more cars crash into it than I can count :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about the house, I'm worried about any pedestrians walking on that part of the sidewalk. I walk my child to school there every day. I have now made note to never walk on that side of the street anymore. DOT, can you please figure out why so many cars careen over the sidewalk and crash into that house's wall as Bob Marvin describes, if that's so? It's horrible the sociopaths in Albany oppose cameras at intersections. If a particular intersection has a history of cars running red lights and crashes then you put a camera there without even having to think about it. It shows common sense and a concern for human life.

Bob Marvin said...

Sorry if I alarmed you Anon. 12:45; in this case "so many cars" means once every few years, so you probably can safely walk on the north side of Midwood II. Still, there have been far too many crashes on that corner, probably because Rogers is thought of as a speedway by so many nitwits who are too dumb to slow enough when making a left turn. I hope the recent changes on Rogers Ave. will slow them down a bit.

Yes, I worry about pedestrians too, not just the house, but I'm glad is far from that corner and I NEVER park my car there.