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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tree Party Patriots Plant Tree Protectors

If walking down Parkside Avenue from Flatbush suddenly became more pleasant, you have these intrepid volunteers to thank:

Twas raining and chilly

But that couldn't stop 'em

First you dig the holes in the four corners

Then you drop those homemade tree guards into the holes

Brilliant architect Tim Shields barking orders suggestions
Big shoutout also to Blaise for construction, and the whole Crew for its eyes fixed firmly on the prize.


Anonymous said...

Tree boxes look great. Wish I could have made it. Great job everyone!!! Thank you. Thank you.
There was one newly planted tree that didn't get a box. Its around the bend on Ocean. Seems so lonely. Any plans to give it a home?

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I look forward to seeing these trees grow up!


Rudy on Winthrop said...

It was an amazing crew that came out on Saturday. (Rob B. on Winthrop and Tim S. on Parkside deserve special applause.)

And, everyone, here are three easy things you can do to help these trees:

(1) Say "Thank You" to Pioneer. Next time you're in there, buying anything, tell the cashier, "Thank you for watering the trees." They need to know that we appreciate their help.

(2) Keep us the pits clean. If you see a plastic bag in the tree pits, go ahead, pick it out, throw it away. It'll make you feel good.

(3) Watch the trees for news! Whenever the Parkside Committee has a meeting, we'll post the time and place in the new tree pits at Parkside.

Phaeleau: I would love to see tree guards go on next to the one newbie oak on Ocean; and I would love to see someone convince Popeyes to care for its two trees, too. If there is anyone reading this who's interested in leading the charge on either of those jobs, comment here.

JDB said...

Also a big thanks to the folks at Tip of the Tongue who supplied much needed hot beverages to the volunteers.