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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Like Fergie, Winthrop Extolls Virtues of Humps

First off, the distinction needs to be made between humps and bumps. A speed hump is a relatively calm affair leading to, one hopes, slowing traffic along a residential street.Take Winthrop Street, Flatbush to Bedford, which just won a hump of its own, thanks to the tireless advocacy of Tracy M. The speed bump on the other hand is meant to startle, awaken, or generally annoy the driver and demand serious deceleration. I happen to have a dandy drawing handy to illustrate:

Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas' comely female singer, has also championed humps in her beloved "nocturne" composition "My Humps." It stands to reason that Fergie also champions traffic calming measures, particularly given the prevalence of small children and the elderly both on her block and among her most rabid of fans.

The letter from Claudette Workman at DOT went thusly:

Dear Madam:

This is in response to your e-mail requesting the installation of a speed bump on Winthrop Street from Bedford to Flatbush Avenues.

The New York City Department of Transportation conducted an investigation to determine the feasibility and need of installing a speed hump at this location.  Factors such as a physical inventory of the street, travel speed and vehicular volume were all taken into consideration in making our determination.  Based upon our evaluation of the data collected we have concluded that this is a good candidate location for the installation of a speed hump.  We will forward this location to our city-wide speed hump crew so that it can be added to their list of pending installations for Brooklyn which will be scheduled.

The safety of our residents is of primary concern to the NYCDOT. Your participation in transportation issues which affect your community is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

It's really helpful to provide that illustration and distinction, Q. The bumps are much more of a noise factor than the humps would be. The humps seem like they'd be fine in that regard. Can somebody answer a question, if a homeowner needs to rip out the hump to repair a water main out into the street, will the city replace the hump or does the homeowner have to pay for it? I had heard the homeowner does. If that's true I think the whole block should chip in to replace it. Because it's not the homeowner's fault the hump is placed in front of their house. That's a DOT decision. I am pro-hump and calming but had that question.

Bob Marvin said...

Fortunately, replacing a water main is usually a once-in-a-lifetime thing [except maybe on streets like Chester Court, where I'm told current leakage from the subway third rail causes copper mains to fail prematurely].

Anonymous said...

Winthrop between Rogers and Bedford avenues could use one of these as well. The traffic coming from employees and taxi drivers leaving from Kings County Hospital contributes to this madness that takes place between, 5 and 6 pm. How do we champion for one of these?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Start by calling the Community Board. Your district manager Pearl Miles knows all the details. Expect efficiency and candor, not lovey dovey hand-holding. 718-778-9279.

Btw, you can't do humps on a bus route. Trust me, I've tried.

Mom on Winthrop said...

@anon 2:13

The Winthrop 2 block association looked into getting speed hump and was told there wasn't enough incidences to warrant one. So it's promising that Winthrop 1 got one especially since there is the playground and school on our block. Time to renew the effort I guess.