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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Latest from 626 Flatbush

While it's true they're being sued by local community groups, Hudson Companies and their 23-story 626 Flatbush have shared their lobby plans in a new rendering, looking like this:

 Key facts from Hudson's website:

  • Approximately 250,000 square feet
  • 254 dwelling units, with 20% affordable low income units
  • Poured-in place construction
  • Design by Marvel Architects
  • Construction management by Lettire Construction
  • Construction financing from New York State Housing Finance Agency and Citibank
  • Acquisition financing from Enterprise Community Loan Fund and the New York City Acquisition Loan Fund
One thing I hadn't noticed til now was the garden on top of the building that abuts Flatbush. Or is it a mini-gold course? A heliport?

In the quibbles department, I gotta say it's not really one block from the park. I mean, as a crow flies maybe. But crows don't usually measure distances in blocks. I'd say three or four would be more accurate, unless they're planning some sort of ziplining contraption from the roof.


Anonymous said...

you missed a key detail: "Completion is anticipated in early 2016." So even if they break ground this spring, it'll be a construction site for two years.

Any news/progress on the lawsuit? Has the actual text of the suit been posted anywhere?

jordan said...

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Anonymous said...

So it specifically says low income affordable? Not market rate? 50 or so units for low income is pretty great. That adds a lot of such units to what is a relatively small neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The only good news about this is that my view will be utterly trashed so the odds of my rent being jacked up too much are slim to none. /personalselfishsucceses

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Don't be so sure Anon 1:27. Given the current zaniness in the market, I could see a real estate agent ad saying:

"Steps to Park!! Enjoy front row view of historic too-tall tower going up!!! Smell, Taste and Inhale Pepa's Famous Chicken Without Entering Premises! More Than a Dozen Nearby Bodegas to Choose From!!!! Plentiful Corners For Open Weed Purchases!!!!! Three Options For Average NY Pizza!!!!!! Late, Late Haircuts and MORE!!!!!!!

(Recent College Graduates Preferred)

Anonymous said...

I laughed, ClarksonFlatbed. I laughed.

-Anon 1:27

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, more retail space with ample parking may soon become available:

Sears enters ‘death-spiral,’ could be gone by 2017: Brian Sozzi

Brian Sozzi of Belus Capital says the storied retailer he's been watching for years is now in a death spiral.

Eddie Lampert And His Hedge Fund Have Lost Over $290 Million Combined On Sears Since Yesterday

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