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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hapless Heist Creep Collared

When the cops nab their man, they like to tell us about it. From the 71st comes this great paragraph-long narrative of events this afternoon. Locals will recognize this corner as precisely one block from the 71st station house. I'm surprised the guy wasn't wearing a red jumpsuit. Those are "in" this season in the perp scene.

Today at approximately 3 PM a male walked into the Chase bank located at 1000 Nostrand Avenue and passed the teller a note demanding money. After the teller refused the male walked across the street to the Carver bank and verbally asked for money in a threatening manor. The bank teller handed over money and the male fled the bank. Chase and Carver bank both called 911 and where able to give a good description. The description was broadcasted and a patrol car spotted the male a few blocks away. The male was apprehended and all the money from Carver bank was recovered.   

Semi-interesting graphic below:



Anonymous said...

Dang. And it sounds like he was just starting to get good at it.

babs said...

Does this "threatening manor" have anything to do with Lefferts Manor?

Anonymous said...

Cute babs, in a "manor" of speaking. Would love to see a bank within closer proximity to the Manor/PLG.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons Carver is effectively bankrupt is its loose withdrawal policy. Tellers will gladly hand over all the money in the bank to anyone who asks for it.

Anonymous said...

What a klutz.

You're better off creating your own pyramid scheme than robbing a bank. Of course, you'll be caught and sent to prison and forced to pay back all the money you illegally obtained but at least your apprehension by the authorities wouldn't be as swift as it was with this idiot on Tuesday failed heist.

Perp From Rikers said...

Thanks for the pointers! I'm still just learning!