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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Next Thursday: Basement Roundtable On Crime & Safety

The Q requests your presence next Thursday night the 30th of January at 7pm at Play Kids, 676 Flatbush. What began last summer in the basement of 40 Clarkson Avenue as a plea for more support from local law enforcement has become a formidable group of concerned residents that some were calling Lefferts Area Crime Team and Troubleshooting Entity (or L.A.C.T.A.T.E.) but then thought better of it. Let's just call it Lefferts Area Safety Team, no acronym, but maybe if people want to call it LAST that will be okay and no one will be offended? Or we could wait to name it. Last fall we were saying D.A. Task Force since we had engaged the District Attorney's office and things were moving along and then a new D.A. came in and we're trying to reconnect our network there.

So...come on down and meet our new commander at the 71st precinct, Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon,
who most recently headed the district of Canarsie, an are of predominantly Haitian-born and their families. When I met with him last month, he was burning incense in his office I kid you not. He's super friendly and committed to being a community-minded police force. BUT...we have yet to see evidence of that, as many prior posts and comments make clear. It's time to relate our priorities and concerns in a constructive fashion that leaves no ambiguity as to what we NEED on the Flabenue and environs.

Please come on down and ask your questions directly to the man in charge. Our last meeting at Play Kids took on the form of a roundtable, and all participants were asked to contribute to the discussion and share the issues that matter most and that pertain specifically to certain blocks and buildings and activities. A rendering from that mtg appears below. As you can see, we ask that you bring your own chainmail and tunics.


Anonymous said...

anyone know why all of the sirens and helicopters?

ElizabethC said...

I know, right?