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Monday, January 13, 2014

Essential Viewing - Tomorrow Night on PBS: My Brooklyn

From the creators of the film that asks us all to look a bit harder at what we thought we understood about development and gentrification - My Brooklyn - comes the good news that their film is finally coming to the emerging medium of television. This note is from your Brooklyn neighbors Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean. It will be available post-broadcast for streaming on the emerging medium of the internet for the very first time thereafter. Here's the trailer:

Look, I know we don't all agree on what progress should look like. And heck I've not even seen the film yet, though I know it manages to lay bare some of the egregious stuff I've witnessed, and even been a part of, from my catbird seat over here 80Arts near BAM. In the supposedly laissez-faire economy, it's really not always about supply and demand and the natural flow of capital. Sometimes, there's a plan. And that plan may not treat all stakeholders equally. That's alls I'm a-sayin'

Check it out, and maybe we can talk about it?

Happy New Year My Brooklyn community,

We are writing with great news! My Brooklyn is going to be on TV on Tuesday, January 14th!

The screening is part of the PBS series America ReFramed, curated by the American Documentary team (the producers of POV). America ReFramed brings nonfiction independent films to the airwaves and cable, showcasing films that give viewers a "snapshot of the transforming American life — the guts, the glory, the grit of a new and changing America."

Most of the screenings are on PBS World channels, but some regular stations, like WGBH in Boston, are showing it on their main channels too. To find out if you have PBS World via broadcast or cable, go to and enter your zipcode. The program you are looking for is America reFramed and the date for My Brooklyn is Jan. 14th, 2014. It's not as complicated as it sounds, and there are some other amazing documentaries on the series so it's worth knowing how to find it.

My Brooklyn will also be streaming free from the America ReFramed site for a month. If you haven't seen My Brooklyn yet, this is your chance! If you have seen it, please help us spread the word. Below is a message your can paste into an email or facebook post:
Dear friends,

I am writing to encourage you to tune in to My Brooklyn, a documentary about the transformation of Downtown Brooklyn's Fulton Mall from a successful African-American and Caribbean shopping district into a luxury residential neighborhood. It sheds new light on the debate around gentrification by exposing the corporate and government actors driving seemingly natural neighborhood change.

My Brooklyn will be on the PBS World series America ReFramed on Jan. 14th. Check local listings at It will also be streaming free for 30 days starting Jan. 14th.

Thanks, as always, for all your support. And best wishes for 2014!

Kelly & Allison

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Anonymous said...

According to the website link, our local station for this is WLIW Channel 21.