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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meeting Tonight on What's Coming To 111 Clarkson

It's always fun to meet your neighbors and talk about the future of the 'hood. And it's rare to have the chance to talk directly to the dude building the new building - in person - and hear their thoughts and plans. Some folks may confuse this meeting with the sort of out-and-out protest that's been happening around 626 Flatbush, but that's really not the goal here. The idea for this mtg is if the ol' Haunted House of Clarkson is coming down, and an upscale apartment building going up, stuff is going to happen. Be there at the moment that the "stuff" starts happening, and listen and share. In the Q's opinion, that's the way it should go down - lines of communication open and all that. So...
Come to a community meeting to talk to Seth Brown, the developer of 111 Clarkson Avenue, and express our concerns and desires for the project:

Wednesday, January 29
7:30 PM
119 Clarkson Ave
Betsy Andrews

We need a strong and open community presence at the meeting, so please come, thanks !!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of new development I noticed in walking by the empty lot between Caton and Clarkson is now for sale. This is the one that some people were interested in turning into a community garden last year.

Anonymous said...

Apologies I meant Caton and Lenox.

rose said...

My husband and I couldn't attend the meeting last night. Q are you are going to recap on the meeting at some point?

FlatLen said...

An empty lot between Caton and Lenox? Where? Caton intersects Bedford about a block away from Lenox and Bedford. I can't think of any empty lots along that stretch.