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Thursday, January 30, 2014

D Avenue Grand Opening Tomorrow, And No More Anonymous Comments

Richard w/Renee from last year
Richard from the newly named and signed "D Avenue" at 673 Flatbush is calling tomorrow the Grand Opening. Stop in for Drink Specials all day til 11pm. You've known it as Rhythm Splash, you've known it as Lime, and back in the day it were The Handyman Special. Richard is a swell cat and deserves your lounge business. This place has been looking for the right vibe, and YOU my friends can make it happen. Yes, your business is wanted. And yes, you will feel comfortable, especially after that third martini.

By the way that's "D Avenue," not "Avenue D" as this non-Trinidadian has been calling it.  Look the Q was born in the Midwest, so he didn't get it at first that it's like De Hot Pot, mon.

And here's a piece of info you may want to know:

I'm not entertaining Anonymous Comments anymore. I'm done. Too many people are hiding. The plus was I got a lot of silliness and maybe even some honesty I wouldn't get otherwise. But I'm tired of the negativity. I'm too old for nonsense other than my own, and the attitude of some of the commenters wears on me. It brings out the worst in me too.

By the way, I like all the regulars a lot, even when we disagree. You guys are my online pals, and I've come to know a lot of you "on the outside." Please keep it up! And if you have a Google ID you can comment. Or an OpenID with a url (like if you're a blogger or such). So really, anybody can still comment, but you can't just lurk out there anymore.

Oh, and yes, it was a great meeting tonight. Fitzgibbon is a straight shooter, and we've opened a dialogue.


Alex said...

Great move, Tim. The confrontational anonymous posters were annoying at best.

cheryl on parkside ave said...

Well done Q. It's time for total transparency. Oh, great meeting last night at Play Kids.

Unknown said...

Hi Q,
Will you be reporting on the meeting with the police chief?

Unknown said...

Some of the comments were getting off the wall!