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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Einsteins Predict "Hot" Real Estate Market

A brilliant socio-economic-real-estate forecaster named Miron Schleider has made the following predictions on Brooklyn, with a dude from MNS adding a shocking conclusion for our area, in an article from DNA Info:

7. Brooklyn will stay hot
Prices in Brooklyn reached a 10-year high with inventory falling to a five-year low, according to a recent Elliman report.
"Brooklyn will certainly continue to shine with significant growth rates and rapidly changing neighborhoods," Miron’s Schleider said.

8. Greenpoint, Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens will get even hotter
"In particular, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy will look very different by year's end," Schleider said. Greenpoint — situated by two rapidly growing markets in Long Island City and Williamsburg — was poised to grow, Barrocas, of MNS, predicted. Also, there was chatter among developers about exploring whether parts of Bushwick’s industrial areas could be rezoned for residential buildings, particularly for affordable housing, he said. He also liked the odds of Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights, especially with projects like 1000 Dean St., an office building spearheaded by the founder of the Brooklyn Flea.
Not to be outdone, another prognosticator uttered this outlandish hypothesis:
9. Brooklyn’s growth will likely bump buyers to Queens
"Brooklyn buyers [will] become fatigued from lack of inventory, high prices and bidding wars," said Holly Sose, of City Connections Realty, who predicts Queens will see a boost in sales and interest.
Both Sose and Schleider agreed on one other shocking point - they believe that multi-gazillionaires will continue to do whatever the eff they want and live wherever the eff they choose. Also, the price of groceries will continue to be set by the grocers themselves and get this - somtimes those prices will be greatly over cost! People will continue to text on their cellular phones. And in one more "reach" prediction, the experts agree that you stand a very slim chance of finding just what you're looking for on Netflix Streaming and will have to "settle" for something lukewarm...or a documentary. And the documentary will more than likely be a massive bummer that makes it more, not less, difficult to sleep.

Stay tuned to the Q for more perspicacious observations and forecasts. I'm close to releasing an earth-shattering study that finds a correlation between bad marriages and divorce.


Anonymous said...

Slow news day eh

-Frankie the Yankee

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