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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kickstarter About To Be Kickstopper

C'mon y'all. The Kickstarter for the coffee and community place on Rogers is almost over. They have a couple biggie gifts lined up that just might send them over the top, last minute. (Heck, I know people who have dug into their own pockets at the last minute to make it work. Which is a bummer since Kickstarter takes a cut so you basically end up paying a fee to top your target. But there it is; that's how the game is played.)

Regardless of all that silly strategy stuff, please consider a gift to the effort and I'm sure Richard and Annalisa will remember it forever. It's about dreams folks. Dreams and java. Kickstarter Campaign and Video here.

On Sunday, R&A hosted a lovely open house at the nearly completed corner store renovation - soon to be known as Brooklyn Clean Bean, or as I'm sure to call it BCB. Check out this brief video to see what you missed, and to consider how great it'll be once it's up and running at the corner of Rogers and Midwood.


Bob Marvin said...

They made it; I got a notification a short time ago.

Congratulations Rich & Annalisa !

Bob Marvin said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you Bob!! And thank you Tim for all your posts and support. We look forward to serving this great community as soon as possible!!