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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

311 and 205

Hey gang. 205 Parkside has been a blight on Parkside Lefferts Gardens Caledonia Southeast Prospect Park for more than two decades. Don't you think it's time we said enough is enough? This flyer was posted on the building this morning:

If you'll recall, a clever neighbor advertised the rathole for free and inconvenienced poor Moses Fried for a whole week. Free 205 Parkside.

Now Fried and Tepper have scaffolding up to answer a violation, and if the past is any gauge, it will be up for a long, long time. Already it's attracting trouble -- riff-raff using it as a makeshift shelter and cocktail lounge. Add that to Pioneer's malodorous bottle deposit station, the area around the Q at Parkside is starting to feel like like an homage to the City's glory years.

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Let's start squeaking.

Call 311 and complain to the dept of buildings. Call Pearl Miles et al at Community Board 9 718-778-9279 (they respond better to phone calls than emails) or call Reuven Lipkind at State Senator Eric Adams office 718-284-4700. You can email

And if you see Moses, tell him the Q sends his love.

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Anonymous said...

these two keep trying to building whorehouses elsewher. are there laws against sitting on a building like this? someone's doing the same thing with the old hospital on Parkside.