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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sleep tight! Don't let the...

Let's get one thing straight. The Q ain't squeamish. I'm a grown man, and a big one to boot. I don't squeal, and I don't run from no critter lessen it got a few pounds on me, or poison fangs or a fin on its back. But y'all, these bedbugs have GOT TO BE STOPPED! Who's it gonna be, us or them? I say bring our boys home from Afghanistan and send 'em out to fight these babies:

Look what they're doing our fellow citizens of NYC! This is an actual face of an actual person riddled with bedbug bites:

I haven't seen any at our house, but every time I get an itch I think to myself "they don't care if you've been naughty or nice. they don't care if you bathe regularly or not. they don't even care if you're rich or poor. they just want your flesh!!! ALL OF IT!!"

I stumbled on the bedbug registry, and guess what? There have been plenty of reports in SW Lefferts Caledonian Parkside. Check this crazy site out, and remember this is just a tiny fraction of the actual cases in the area: BBR

So watch your back, WASH your back, don't take furniture from the street, don't hug people in fur coats, and sweet jesus please don't spread 'em if you get 'em! The Q is absolutely BUGGIN OUT!!!


Anonymous said...

I know it will be hard to get people on board this one, but how about taking your shoes off right inside the door before walking into your apt. (Japanese style) And maybe have some Mr. Rogers indoor and outdoor clothes. I know it is a bit anal, but sitting down on a couch or bed in the jeans you sat on the subway with, kind of gross. If anything your floors and furniture will be cleaner.

Anonymous said...

We just finished going through the long, frustrating, expensive process of having our apartment treated. Just moved to PLG in April and I think we got bed bugs from the moving truck. If you take into account the treatment cost and cost of new clothing after throwing a lot out it probably cost us over $1000. Plus the frustration of having everything in your apartment in plastic bags for 6 weeks... ugh. Looks like we're clear now and being super carefull about everything. We're not even planning on going to the movies anytime soon... too risky.