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Thursday, September 16, 2010

VD Gang comes to Parkside

I gotta say, I'm no expert Gang Cryptologist. But I have a guess as to what's going on with some of this new graffiti showing up around Lefferts Parkside. Witness:

When a letter gets a strike through like the V here, it means "kill." Sometimes literally, but usually its just talk. Er, chalk. Paint. Whatever.

So it looks like someone's threatening the VD Gang - which was hardly the Latin Kings. It was a recurring Sesame Street parody sketch on the Dave Chappelle show. So I'm thinking, or maybe hoping is a better word, that this is what we'd call a Gang Graffiti Guffaw - a Triple G to the Crips. Either that or there's gonna be a rumble. And I'm hoping Crips don't read goofy blogs...I mean no disrespect fellas.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's just a well-targeted, population-sensitive public health campaign aimed at reducing syphilis and gonorrhea rates among urban youth