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Friday, September 3, 2010

Joseph Chetrit: The Absentee Lord of Caledonian Flatbush

Today, lil Q and I took a stroll into the belly of Caledonia, the mystical micro-hood just south of Parkside, north of Caton, west of Ocean and East of the Parade Grounds. Q-Jr loves the playground near the Parade Grounds named for fallen police officer Detective Dillon Stewart. He was killed in the line of duty in 2005 in a nabe described as East Flatbush, though they cite the corner of Flatbush and Church. Where does this mysterious East Flatbush begin anyway? Golly, now I'm thinking maybe I live in East Flatbush. That would change EVERYTHING.

I call Caledonia "Caledonia" because of the small town hospital that used to birth the babies and mend the broken bones and change the bedpans for all who called the Q at Parkside their hometrain. Except, of course, it used to be the D at Parkside, but that's another long boring story not worth repeating here. Though if long boring stories don't belong on blogs, I don't know where they belong.

Just a few years ago, the shady "Chetrit Group" picked up the whole Caledonian Campus for a cool $15 million. Location, location, location folks. This slice of property is right on the park, and in the right hands, could become the most notorious or celebrated address to pop out of nowhere since that seemingly universally maligned Richard Meier building up by G.A.P.

Just don't expect Joseph Chetrit and his four brothers to do anything about the sad and decaying structure anytime soon. They have a history of absentee landlordism. You can read the sordid details of their strategies for buildings right here: Chetrit Group

Here's to you, Joseph Chetrit. A photo album for your scrapbook:

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