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Monday, September 13, 2010

color me imPRESSED

When we first moved to "Parkside," we tried the French Cleaners on Parkside - aptly named Parkside Cleaners, whose owners, I might add, are only posing as French. But I gotta say PC came up wanting, and not simply because of their insistence on sticking with that poorly maintained handpainted sign (shouldn't cleaners be paying more attention to detail?). It wasn't long before Mrs. Clarkson FlatBed, always the more fashionable, kempt and comely of the pair, discovered a strong alternative to P.C. on Flatbush near Fennimore. The folks at ACE are super swell, though they too are decidedly un-French. They are, in fact, Korean. By the by, "french" cleaning and "dry" cleaning are exactly the same thing, and anyone who says differently is a braying baudet.

Tim, pictured here, is the amiable shopkeep. His folks are very sweet and industrious first generation immigrants, and they work side-by-side their second-born son. They own another shop in Staten Island, manned by Tim's brother. So the second generation is in on the act. Ace gets a thumbs up from us, for style and substance. Though I urge you to post your own recommendations anytime.

But's what the Q asks that you ponder today...the meaning of "first generation" immigrant. To some, it refers to the immigrants themselves. But to others, it means their kids. My grandparents came from the "old country." But my pops was referred to as either first or second generation, depending on whom you asked.

So which is it? Turns out there is no consensus, and that strange bit of trivia is anxiety-reducing for me. The reason I never knew which to use is that the whole English language is bipartisan on the issue. Maybe republicans say one and democrats the other? Oh and tea-partiers would rather the whole lot of 'em pack for home.

Though I ask these neo-patriots - "who's going to do your cleaning, landscaping, building, farming, nannying and cab driving if you kick out the immigrants? Maybe instead of protesting taxes all the time you'll have to do a bit of honest work." Snap!


Carmen said...

This is a GREAT dry cleaning place. I honestly can't say enough good things about them.

Kim said...

So his name is Tim, huh? He's great! He's polite, quick and I'm happy to do business with him and his family. Thanks for the info!

MJMcBee said...

Not about dry cleaning, but this post reminded me of Stephen Colbert's participation in the "Take my Job" challenge as a migrant worker, and the media circus around his testimony before Congress on Friday...LOVE HIM!