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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Church Ave - Up Up and Away

The revitalization of Church Avenue continues this weekend with a humble street fair from East 10th to Argyle. Improvements to the stretch between Ocean and Coney Island Avenue have been slow but steady. It shouldn't be long before people are talking about this stretch in the same breath as Cortelyou or Frankin Avenues. How does this sort of change take place? Well, for one thing, it's almost never an accident.

I know I've posted ad nauseum about business development and how it does or doesn't happen. I'm endlessly fascinated, particularly as I bike around the borough, noticing how each "main street" develops its own character. Each blossoming avenue in Brooklyn has a unique behind-the-scenes story of how it transformed from raw to cookin'. The Q is convinced that Church Avenue is ready to explode, and scuttlebutt is that a new funky destination restaurant etc. for families is opening there soon called Lark. Did the two local momtrepreneurs have to go it alone? Nope. They had big encouragement and help from the Church Avenue BID, local families on their listserve, and a small business loan from CAMBA. Here's the flyer from CAMBA about said loans:

Nothing's stopping YOU from applying! Granted $15K is hardly the total capital you'll need to start up a successful joint on the Flabenue or Parkside or Lincoln Road etc., but if you're on the fence about investing here, it might be a tipping point for you.

Someone commented herein recently that if people want to see new types of businesses they should consider opening a place and joining the hyper-entrepreneurial trend that's sweeping the borough. Actually, NYC has always been hyper-entrepreneurial, so I don't know why I'd bother calling it trendy. But it's reaching a fever-pitch (been to Billyburg lately?) Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the City, (along with the artists, immigrants, banks, subways and a bunch of other lifebloods, so come to think about it, forget that worn metaphor "lifeblood" thing). Hey, maybe you know someone. Maybe you ARE that someone. Since we don't have a BID, let me be the official "welcome to the Flabenue."

INSIDE SCOOP: Did you see the sign being taken down at the recently closed wig store on the NE corner of Flatbush/Clarkson? Turns out it's going to be replaced by a Subway. As in sandwich shop. To which I ask...six-inch or footlong?

'Twould be a fantasy of mine if Jared the previously obese Subway spokesman came to the ribbon cutting with a couple of Sleestaks in tow. It would probably look something like this:


ElizabethC said...

SUBWAY! I know I shouldn't be so happy about a huge corporate entity as opposed to a small local biz...but I love those veggie delights:)

Anonymous said...

People thinking about starting up new restaurants in PLG should prepare a great business proposal and reach out to the Lefferts Manor community because a year or so ago we did have several people willing to invest a decent amount of money into the Farmers Diner venture which ultimately didn't work out because the FD budget was way too high. So get a good plan together, get organized, do that outreach and you may get the financial backing you need here. But please, have a realistic budget for your buildout and your startup costs.

babs said...

There is already a Subway sandwich shop on the corner of Flatbush and Beekman Place, and I have heard that they are struggling (primarily because their rent is very high).