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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Public Service Announcement - Van Stolen

A note came through the wire this morning of a stolen van. Cars get stolen all the time, but this one broke my heart as it belonged to a band and all their gear was inside. The group's called Lucius. The Q did many years with a touring band and our beloved van named Mensy, so if you see the described vehicle or any of the gear, be sure to give them a holler here and I'll pass it along. And let this be cautionary tale to everyone - this is still NYC and the bad guys still live here too. Good luck Lucius.

My band (Lucius) and myself are all Ditmas residents and we are so sad to say that we had our van stolen Thursday morning on E. 17th and Ditmas. It's a champagne/tan color 2009 Ford E350 Econoline 12 passenger van. there is a very minor dent on the rear bumper right side, but otherwise the car is pretty damn clean. the new york plates are FYW-3876 but we JUST got new york plates a week ago so our old plates were still in the car which were Texas plates BL7Y292 so they could have easily swapped them.this is a list of some of the gear that was inside, any posting or help spreading hte word would be extremely helpful and much appreciated. this is our livelihood 

Ludwig vistalite drum kit in tequila sunrise
apple fender strat
traynor amp
cymbal bag with 4 cymbals inside (zyldjians and others) 
Sheraton (with no truss rod cover)
black korg microsampler
red korg SV1 keyboard
tons of drum hardware in a black beaten up suitcase
tons of percussion 
2 keyboard stands
tons of pedals (electro harmonix holy grail plus, digiverb, Dunlop original crybaby wah, Digitech whammy IV, Dunlop Univibe, Boss TU 3 tuner (x2), Boss DD20 giga delay, MXR carbon copy delay (x2), Fulltone OCD, Fulltone Full drive 2, Electro Harmonix Holy grail plus, Electroharminix switchblade, POG (x2), red fulltone boost pedal.) 
60 Lucius tshirts and 200 Lucius EPs  (ha)
12x9" graphic drawing tablet 
Johnston and Murphey shoes 
north face backpack. 

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