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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trees Are Thirsty Too

There's been a conspicuous lack of H2O dropping from the heavens lately. And not a lot of rain in the forecast neither. From our friends over at Hawthorne Street comes an important reminder that our beloved street trees are in danger during even short stretches of rainlessness. So...what can a tree-hugger like you do to help?

First off...notice your trees! I say "your" because they ARE yours, and the City is not going to take care of watering them, so it really falls to all of us to adopt, or keep an eye out for, the trees in our vicinity. Some trees DO get love from the supers or owners nearby, but the vast majority fend for themselves. Sure it would be great if you went all gung-ho and built some treepit guards and planted a few hardy plants to adorn your tree and kept the pit free of trash and poop and...but let's be serious, you're probably not going to want to go that far. So here's alls you gots to do:

In a week where there's less than an inch of rain, consider bringing 15 to 20 gallons to your beloved trees. "But I don't have a hose" I hear you saying. Well, three or four trips with a five gallon pail will do the trick! It's heavy, this water stuff, but if you think of it as both mitzvah AND workout, maybe it won't seem so bad. And when people, especially kids, see what you're doing, they might just ask how they can help, and you might just start a movement. Carrie from Hawthorne has this tip:

We find that a tall kitchen garbage can and a hand truck is the easiest way to deliver water down the block. A neighbor and I share, so we can use have two hoses and two cans going at once to make the job go quicker. Best time to water is first thing in the morning or after sun down.
Or if you get really into it, maybe you'll go whole hog and get a Treegator, ensuring a slow even flow to the roots:

Actually I have no idea what that product is or whether it's any good, I just came across it and it looked like someone took a green bag, gave it a name, poked some holes in the bottom and is likely selling them for $29.99 online.

And while we're on the subject of street trees, the Community Board's district manager Pearl Miles seems to have the golden touch when it comes to getting street trees re-planted when they Do die, so by all means give them a call if you see a tree that isn't coming back. (Give it a week or two though; some are late bloomers. Look for the tiny buds that most should have by now).

Contact: Pearl Miles