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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walk It Out, PLG

This just in, from your neighbor April Greene of Hawthorne street, who'll be leading a walking tour starting from our beloved but neglected green sheet metal trees at the corner of Ocean/Flatbush/Empire. It's just one of hundred's of "Jane's Walks" happening all over the world this Sunday in commemoration of the original champion of unplanned urban diversity, perhaps the archetypal gentrifier, and a woman of enormous influence on cities around the world, Jane Jacobs, whose book The Life and Death of Great American Cities retains a seductive allure 50 years after its publication, even as contemporary urban planners continue to herald and/or debate her legacy. Or rather, it should be a lovely walk!

**RSVP** Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Jewel in Brooklyn’s Crown

Date: May 6
Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Walk Host: April Greene; Transportation Alternatives' Brooklyn Volunteer Committee
Accessibility: Fully Accessible
Description: Get to know the friendly, historic neighborhood of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, situated on the “Lower East Side” of Prospect Park. We’ll peruse some beautiful brownstones, intersections of interest, community art projects and great green spaces that have made little PLG a gem of a district for generations of residents and passers-by. See where a train went off the tracks in 1918, streets that are being re-imagined today and stately 19th century homes that still stand.

Every day, all over the city, Transportation Alternatives is working to revitalize New York City’s neighborhoods and restore a vibrant culture of street life. This walk features one of the many communities where T.A. advocacy brings safe and healthy streets for all.

Meeting Place: SW corner Flatbush and Ocean avenues; under stand of metal trees
Ending Place: Petite Blue Roost, 43 Lincoln Road, between Flatbush and Ocean avenues


Bob Marvin said...

Thanks for posting this Tim. I just signed up; I love hearing what people say about our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was disappointing. Waited until 11:15, then left. No one showed. The confirmation I received after registering clearly said "this is a rain or shine event." The little bit of mist in the air must have kept the TA guide away.

ElizabethC said...

Anon, it's MAY 6 is MAY 5. The devil is in the details, dude.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Woops. My apologies to Ms Greene and TA. Can't make it tomorrow :( Bummed and slightly red-faced.