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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playground a Big Hit

The Q and some pals decided to spend Saturday afternoon at the new basketball courts on Winthrop tween Bedford and Rogers yesterday, and the scene was jumping (literally and figuratively). There's a bunch of good looking exercise equipment that the kiddies were playing on since the toddler playground is still fenced off (why it's still not clear - looks finished to me). The gravity powered and as yet untarnished exercise equipment carries this label:

Kids have been breaking into the playground lately, not safe methinks, and the porta-potty for workers inside the fence became a makeshift "hideout" during one round of imaginative play the other day that involved hiding from the Q. I think I may have looked a bit like an authority figure and they kept saying "we gotta run and hid from the big man." It's weird to be that guy, but I was happy to play the role.

The nets on the rims have actual nets on them, a rarity for outdoor playgrounds, and I hope the City Parks are committed to keeping them replaced. Because probably 60 people were loving the space yesterday and will be all summer long. It's a pretty minimal investment to bring so much good-natured and healthy facilities to so many local kids (and a few gr'ups, myself included). Calder and I invented a game using a basketball called Grundle using the strange badmitton looking lines on one part of the playground, and if you ever want to play you can learn from the co-inventor of the sport, soon to be an Olympic event I'm sure. Game on!

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