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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Speaking of Loony...

Surely you've noticed the "all night" tattoo parlor that just opened up in the basement of Envy Nails, on Flatbush tween Parkside and Clarkson on the east side? This block is fast becoming one of the zaniest in the 'hood, what with Peppa's all-night smoke-fests, Jamaican Pride's killer food but outrageously loud backyard overnight heavy machinery, Closeout Heaven's awesome but chaotic daily Algerian Bazaar, the wildly popular and vigilante-style cell phone hut (highly recommended by the Q and Mrs. Q), that Flatbush Fashion joint that no one ever shops at and the owner sits out front all day, our wonderful holdout from the pre-digital days Global Electronics, the two urban boutiques each with the name Brooklyn Finest whose owners used to be partners but now rivals, the former Gran Bwa owners sidewalk incense stand, the fabulous teensy weensy balloons 'n' parties shop Kupid's, and now a barely legal though strangely beguiling tattoo parlor that insists on leaving its metal basement gates open all night. Ladies and Gents, I give you Envy Tattoos:

Delirious New York? Try Delirious just can't dream this stuff up!

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