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Thursday, January 30, 2014

111 Clarkson Goes the Way of the Dodo

It's official(er). The Haunted House of Clarkson, home to the ghosts of the Magnificent Ambersols, the Old Wet Lady, or as some days I called it The Bat House, is heading out to pasture. Or out to the City Dump, with a few odds and ends probably ending up at Demolition Depot, or better yet, Olde Good Things.

Rebecca from Brownstoner was there and here's her report. From her article comes news of the plan, though sadly no rendering yet:

(Developer Seth) Brown didn’t show any pictures, but described his plans: The 70-foot buildings will have 22 and 28 units each, and there will be a parking lot with 25 spaces between the two buildings. Both buildings will extend to the property line on either side of the 50 by 242 foot lot, with a driveway on each side of the lot, allowing for parking lot access from Clarkson and Parkside Avenues. Architect Joseph Spector will design the rentals, which will be mostly one- and one-plus bedrooms with a few two- and three-bedroom apartments mixed in. Most units will have balconies, and there will be a washer/dryer in each apartment. Both buildings will have an elevator and roof terrace.

And despite feeling a bit misty over the loss of an odd and historic building, I am not leading any charge against the development or its size or even it's choice of kitchen furnishings. It sounds like this is what's happening with the old stuff that can't be re-purposed, and there it is. This would appear to be a building suited for its place. And the gentleman was kind enough to come out and meet with neighbors.

See, Hudson? See how easy that was?


Sean said...

yeah, that's what we need. more one bedroom apartments.

FlatLen said...

Yes, more one bedroom apartments, as they are imagining a hipster enclave, and most likely not rent controlled. See ie., Lefferts Garden South and BeCA down the road at Bedford and Caton Avenues, where there used to be two single family frame houses. One had a big parking lot attached, the other, a smaller one. The footprint of the two properties each became a big apartment building. They might have had more two-three bedrooms, though.

FlatLen said...

These were the houses at 2114 Bedford Avenue, and the one right next door. They are now called 2233 Caton Avenue (Nova Dental building) and 2217 Caton Avenue (Beca Condos).

The Snob said...

Montrose Morris on Brownstoner was on point regarding this. Don't hate the developer -- disdain the owner that rode this pile into the ground for decades until he could cash out. And it is very civil and civic of the owner to meet the neighbors first.