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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Q Recommends: Mr. Yu for Your Renovation and Construction

I generally don't go out on a limb to recommend folks for much of anything. Block Party? Try Dave Chappelle. Hot Dog? Try Nathan's. Moody atmospheric indie-rock with a morose sounding baritone lead singer? Go with The National.

But perhaps you're at that point with your house or apartment where you're ready to do something new, different or just plain necessary. And a trip to Home Depot ain't gonna cut it. You've now entered the grown-up world of "renovation," a word that conjures horror stories of permits, poor measurements and overpriced cabinets. Never Fear, Mr. Yu is here, and the price will be much lower than you expected. He can pull all the necessary permits, and he's got mad skills and a super-efficient work ethic, plus a hardworking and sweet staff when bigger project's necessitate. His English ain't winning awards, but you'll get past that if you want to work with him.

He made a beautiful deck for way less than we should have expected. He took care of masonry issues, knocked down walls to create doors, hand-made the doors himself, and handled all the painting and hardware etc. Sure we had a killer design by architect Roger Broome (also super-reasonable - contact me offline for his digits), but Mr. Yu was able to identify ways to save money. And his wife's kimchi, brought by one day as a gift, was, in every regard, delicious. (goes well on hot dogs by the way. I know, I know, I'm late to that party.)

Deck shotz:


Alexis L. said...

Your deck looks great, Q. Mr Yu is coming by to give us a quote on hardwood flooring installation. Fingers crossed that it all works out.

Anonymous said...

More photos please! This looks excellent!