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Friday, July 22, 2011

265 Hawthorne Street and PACC

If you or someone you know - or someone you love, or someone you used to love but now merely know - happens to live at 265 Hawthorne street, a 71-unit building between Rogers and Nostrand, then this is welcome news indeed:

265 Hawthorne Story

Clearly the Pratt Area Community Council has expanded beyond its hood-centric name. I for one am always looking for good-news stories like this, particularly when it comes to neglected buildings and neighborhood "shifts." And I'm guessing PACC is an excellent source of good advice and expertise when dealing with neighborhood issues.

I've been thinking a lot about something I heard recently at our block association meeting, about how some buildings in the neighborhood have "gone coop," bringing energetic new owners to previously neglected buildings. But buildings in nabes like ours often take years to become all-owners. When owners and renters share an address, in the interim, you frequently end up with two distinctly different kinds of resident organizations (coop boards and tenants associations), sometimes operating parallel and with different agenda. Add to that the relationship between longtime rent-stabilized tenants and the higher-paying newcomers so often favored by landlords and wonder there's often tension below, or sometimes rising to and above, the surface.

Stay cool y'all. Here's a picture of an igloo, built on a Brooklyn street just after last year's blizzard - lest you forget how extreme are the extremes:

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