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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crime Forum - Notes From the Meeting - and wtf at 205 now?

Below are unfiltered notes from a diligent note-taker at last Thursday's PLGNA sponsored crime meeting. I don't think this is the place for me to comment on what was said in an open and congenial forum. I'm actually super-encouraged by the number of people who showed up, and the constructive ideas put forth. Most of the notes are self-explanatory, though some are a little cryptic.

More to the is going on under the scaffolding at Moses Fried's scumbag project at 205 Parkside? Just a week after a murder took place around the corner at 6 Parkside Court, a bunch of good-for-nothings has started parking their rides, blasting music, and generally making the street impassable. I recognize some of these guys...and trust me, they don't have an ounce of sense between the bunch of them. They definitely have ounces of other stuff, though, should you happen to be in the market for trouble.

I know, I know what some of y'all are saying...just a bunch of kids blowing off steam on a hot summer day. Bullshit. These guys are the real deal...flashing wads of cash, crackin' wise, flashy cars with multi-thousand dollar stereos. I'm no prude, y'all. These guys are the real deal. I'll be giving Officer Martinos a call tomorrow to see what's up. Heck I remember after a murder there a few years ago they put up that police tower for, like, a month. All the great longterm ideas aside, when you see scenes like that getting out of hand, please call 911. The more the better. If the cops don't put pressure on that corner, I guarantee-you we haven't seen the last of the violence. Sorry to sound an alarming note, but I haven't seen that kind of screw-you bravado in awhile.

Ooops...almost forgot those notes:

Monitor house party situations nearby; be vigilant; Contact authorities to report drug deals – on street, or if done in your building; Go to Community 71st Police Precinct Council Meetings to be represented; Improve lighting : call 311 for street light fixes; Remove graffiti: call 311; General vigilance; Foot party patrols & become a patrol person (contact President of LMA); COP: Civilian Patrol; Education: gang workshop, police presentations; NYPD involvement even for a small neighborhood presence; “Sky-eye” camera installment in neighborhood; Escorts for females by subway exits; A sign-up (online/at next meeting) so people can volunteer on specific issues; Business involvement –corkboards, etc.

SAFTEY & SUGGETIONS: Notes from officer’s brochures on subway safety; If you’re going out of town- notify a few neighbors to remove flyers, mail, papers; Close fire escape windows; Highlight importance of 311 for things to call in (graffiti & street lights)

Confront & greet people in a friendly manner who are involved in drug deals etc; Encourage those around you (especially youth) with opportunities for engaging their time: job ads and community events; Encourage youth in community groups to patrol for community service hours or cash incentive

One for all ages; Use space for these meetings; Police crime forums could be held there (Gang workshop); Promote community events & organized youth programs that are already present & successful

Near Parkside & Flatbush- “30 Minute Motel”; Stalker: Hispanic, wearing makeup & nail polish

Community Garden; Melissa Lovell at can do art & education with youth

Make sure to cover the neighborhoods more thoroughly; Where can we post flyers? More public places; Flyers passed out to people in neighborhood streets (seem more receptive than in subway; Businesses: corkboards for these flyers so they can be posted; Put them in letter boxes.

Look into:
Vinny Martino did a crime forum & lecture on safety. Organized by Senator Adams.


Brenda from Flatbush said...

Wow, not good. You are right to advocate for nipping a thug renaissance in the bud. (Take it from Caton Park.) Do you really anticipate your neighbors' reaction would be 'just kids letting off steam'? Because if so, you may also have big problems of the "no snitchin" variety. Whether it's a bleeding-heart hipster or the drug dealer's momma, apologists for such behavior as you describe in front of 205 Parkside are the community's worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

can you say more about the "stalker" that was mentioned in the notes? this concerns me? i'm assuming it's a male stalker wearing makeup and nailpolish? any more info?

eggs! said...

don't forget to crop dust the drug dealers!

Anonymous said...

Monitor house party situations nearby? I've been doing that already, as have many of my neighbors. We monitor, we call the cops, but the house parties never stop. They never turn down the music, and the whole system for calling in and complaining about noise seems designed to frustrate the caller. Sorry to sound a familiar note, but do they have to put up with that crap in Park Slope, and, if not, why not?

Anonymous said...

My building has had the same problem.
We are still dealing with it, but here are a few steps in the right direction.
-Get your neighbors together on an email list so that when its happening people can communicate and bombard 311 and 911 with calls. Its much easier to deal with the call systems if you know you're not the only one doing it.
-Start up relations with the precinct's community relations officer. Some of officers will even give you their cell numbers.
-Write up a formal letter and send it snail mail and email to all of your elected representatives. Eric Adams, Marty Markowitz as well as any Departments concerned in these matters. You'd be surprised at the response.