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Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaky Flatbush Friday

Took the day off from work but stayed close to home. What a friggin' gorgeous day. If you haven't taken a toddler to the beach lately, I highly recommend it. The look of amazement on their faces reminds you how awesome it is to live in a beach town. And if you don't think of Brooklyn as a beach town, then you really got to get out more. Or reread this post I wrote exactly one year ago today. Beach.

But that was after "naptime." In the morning, a jaunt up Flatbush revealed this sad sight:

Yep. Another struggling store bit the dust. I brought a computer there just last fall...the guy did a fine job, and it was cheap. I mean, Trippleclick was no tech genius. But he'd been there for some time, making a go of it, and I had to hand it to him; that extra "p" in Trippleclick was for "price." As in, very fair.

Next up on the menu was this follow-up shot to brother PLOG's post on the Heineken mural:

The artist's name is Caesar, and he draws a mean mug of mead. Check it out sometime; the air bubbles on the outside of the glass look super fresh. Now, I had to tell Caesar the truth.Some of us aren't crazy about the questionably legal use of the side of an apartment building as booze billboard thang. On the other hand, he makes a mean mural. Which got me to thinking...

If this guy is this good a muralist, maybe he wants to take a crack at the side the Duane Reade along Parkside? When I asked him, he lit up. "Donate the materials, and me and my buddies could make somethin' that would knock your socks off." Non-commercial, of course. Makes you think.

The possibilities are endless. And I'm feeling thirsty...


Mad Momma Carmen said...

Do you think we could get a mural painted with the theme of keeping the 'hood clean, or loving the community, or something along those lines? Corny, yes, but we all deserve a clean & safe place to live and maybe an awesome mural could remind us of this? I can try to harass errr... "ask" our elected officials to sponsor it.

eggs! said...

i dont like illegal alcohol advertising. not very cool to advertise like this with so many youngsters around. maybe the next mural could depict the dozens of burnouts and alcoholics that gather just around the corner on flatbush to spange and hangout all day.

i do like graf art and this was exceptionally done.

needs to come down though, in my opinion.