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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bye Bye B Train

Oh MTA, thou art a cruel mistress.

We all knew it was going to happen, though some of us were praying for a Brighton Line miracle. As of the first Monday in October, the B officially stops pulling into our station, leaving many of us sad, bewildered, and late for work. I for one have grown so accustomed to the frequency of trains at Parkside that I'm sure it will add misery to the chill, come winter, to see the B race by, the faces of our former train-mates blurred by speed and condescension. Or on rainy days, condensation.

But cheer up! Moses Fried's 205 Parkside is actually taking shape. Windows, real honest to goodness windows, cheap though they may be, have been hung in many of the soon-to-be long-stay-hotel's former slum sockets:

Is this all because the Internet Coffee House (ICH) started serving La Bagel Delight Bagels? Or so says the sign out front? Is this new, or are my eyes just adjusting to the post K-Dog light?


Martsense Resident said...

I thought I was imagining things when I saw new windows and signs of actual improvement! Thank you for confirming that it was not a mirage. I'm optimistic.

Now, what do we do about all the street trash along Flatbush (awful and embarrassing) and getting Flatbush merchants to use see-through gates to light up the street?

Anonymous said...

I've been here for about 9 years and i will second what Tim touched on at Eric Adams meeting last month. Flatbush seems to get more and more filthy. I was impressed tonight though with a stretch of residential buildings between Hawthorne and Fenimore. Walking Nostrand shows also how a merchants group is able to get things moving in the right direction. I really do not ever remember it being this bad.

I'm going to miss my Parkside. Being a B trainer I've got to make the trek to the Lincoln stop.