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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pop (Up) Art - at the old Mike's International Restaurant

Remember Michael's International up the 'Bush a piece? It's about to become an art gallery for a spell...

Michael's (Mike's to friends and Bob Marvin) restaurant was a fixture of the block north of Lincoln Road for many years. When it closed, there was hope a new joint would take its place. PLG Arts and a collection of locals has stepped into the void in a delightfully quirky way.

Come check out 552 Flatbush, the "pop up" art gallery. The show of works by local artist Brian Fernandes-Halloran goes up on October 13. Its to be followed by a group show...more on that soon!


Bob Marvin said...

Mike's International--nothing as fancy as "Michael's" :-)

I'm "curating" [another fancy word] the visual arts part of the group show; watch for our "Call for Artists" on the various lists in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of art...Any intel about the film shooting happening on Clarkson?

Anonymous said...

They are shooting a low budget movie in 40 (do not know where - maybe the lobby? Title is: Tomorrow Comes Today. Started yesterdy. They finish shooting tonight.