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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Count on the Q This Weekend

That is to say, you can ALWAYS count on me, but not necessarily the train itself. I thought I'd be true to my namesake and actually say something about the Q train, rather than start another inflammatory discussion about ye olde coffee shoppe. This from the awesomely on the ball Mary at The Flatbush Blog...

Trains will not be running between Prospect Park and Stillwell Avenue from 8pm Friday, September 9 through 5am Monday, September 12. Here are the alternatives for this weekend, from the MTA:

* B68 and free shuttle buses provide express and local service between Prospect Park and Stillwell Av.

* Express shuttle buses run between Brighton Beach and Prospect Park, stopping at Sheepshead Bay, Neck Rd, Avenue U, Kings Hwy, the Flatbush Av 2 Station and Prospect Park.

If you're not familiar with Mary's blog, please bookmark it! She's way more professional and on the ball than I could hope to be. It would appear she's getting paid something, given the adverts, and she smartly runs the Flatbush in tandem with the Ditmas Park Blog, identifying items of interest that are particular or in common to both neighborhoods. Very organized. Very thorough. Thanks Mary!

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Mary said...

I can't hold a candle to the Q. Thank you for all you do!