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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Artist Wanted - Time for New Public Art for the Q at Parkside

I'll set aside the fact that what the Q at Parkside REALLY needs is a total rehab. Our station is a disgrace - it's potential for adorableness is enormous, but the MTA clearly doesn't consider us a priority. However, we ARE a priority in one area. Dynishal over at PLeGNA hipped me to a $5,000 grant for which our home train station is "priority" designated. Time to imagine the time when we'll wax nostalgic over the beguiling triangular mural by Specter, the artist formerly known as Gabriel Reese. His piece was to remain for 11 months. I for one am glad it's still there after a year, amazingly unadorned by graffiti. It's time, though, to turn over the keys to glory.

I'm certainly not cut out for the job. I'm a lot of things: father, fundraiser, songwriter, blogger, shredder, excellent speller...but one thing I ain't is a visual artist. So I implore y'all:

I'm happy to shepherd the project and proposal and make sure we get at least one super-cool idea in to the DOT. But I'm also MORE than happy to step aside. What's involved? The proposal is due January 7, 2011. The requirements include the artists previous experience, photos and renderings. That's a lot by the top of the new year! So please, consider send a link to this post far and wide. The City's got a buttload of artists perfectly suited for this kind of thing. Where are they? And who feels like going into the butt to find them?

Just to prove that I'm not the man for the job, my big idea was to take the large cement space and turn it into a paean to Mann's Chinese Theater. We could get the handprints of our own celebrities, like Pepa, Mansoob, Balde Koin, Umma, Moses Fried, both Duane and Reade, Sammy from the Pioneer, that crazy crackhead lady who stole MJMcBee's bicycle, Popeye, the Canners of Parkside, Nelson, the Honorable A. Shoemaker, Charles Starr, Bob Marvin, CeeLeeDee, Babs, Dr. Cuts, Dunebuggy, Struggs...the list of local celebs reads like a who's who of local celebs.

You know what they say...if you can't do the job right...window dress!!!!

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