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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, Speaker Boehner.

I have absolutely nothing to say about the election, but thank God it's over. At least you got here, to the Q, safe and sound.

BONUS, JUST FOR VISITING! A NY Times article about Lefferts from 1986 is a must read for anyone with native curiosity beyond what's for dinner tonight: If You're Thinking of Living In 1986. Note that prices had recently tripled according to a local real estate dude, tripled meaning houses for around $150K, apartments on Ocean from $50K. And for those not old enough to remember, that was during the big runup before the turn of big housing correction of that era. And here's the best part: the article says Donald Trump owned (and probably developed) Patio Gardens! What a hoot. (You old-timer knew that already, but that's a yarn worth repeating)

What I really wanted to show you though was this poster that I saw a lady put up in the laundromat window (on Flatbush near the Bright Red Liquor Store): It seemed kinda sad to me at first. But then I recently read that a quarter of couples meet online - so why not finish how you started?

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Bob Marvin said...

Wow, that article brings back memories. IIRC that NY Times article was the first of several "Living In" articles about PLG. We were absolutely thrilled that our neighborhood made the Times. Diana Measham was an English student interning for the Times. IMO her article was the best of the lot.

BTW, it was the Donald's father who developed Patio Gardens in the early '60s. When we first moved to Park Slope in 1970 we used a dentist in that building, but had no desire to explore the slightly threatening-seeming area around it; little did we know :-)