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Monday, November 15, 2010

The "Other" Side of the Park

The other side of the park is no place to walk around after dark. But now I'm starting to think that neither of those sketchy neighborhoods - neither Park Slope nor the decidedly hipper Prospect Heights - are safe at any time of day. The below was taken from the 77th precinct blotter via YourNabe:

An unhinged patron smashed a plate glass window at Yummy Taco on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 6, injuring an employee taking a lunch break.

The 15-year-old broke the window in a fit of rage at 4:15 pm. Shards of glass showered over the 56-year-old employee, leaving him with cuts to his cheek and arm, said police, who charged the teen with assault.

Seems an honest person can't grab a yummy taco these days without fear of random violence.

Speaking of Chinese Food, when my old lady was pregnant back in late '08 she had quite the yen for Zen Vegetarian House on Flatbush 'tween Clarkson and Lenox. It had just opened, and we were among the first to brave its odd but pleasantly well-designed awning. Hey, it may not be the best Chinese Food in a city of 50,000 Chinese restaurants. But it's pretty dang good, though I'll never understand why a vegetarian would want to eat something called chicken, even if it IS meatless. But don't take my word for it. A gaggle of you Caledonians gave it reviews on Yelp, so I'll let you do the yapping.

Zen Vegetarian House Reviews

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