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Monday, November 8, 2010

Crime Held at Bay by Rusty Sign

Now that time is back to its natural state, unburdened by the legislated extra hour known as DST, winter is truly here. Screw what the calendar says. The Q says it started today, with sleet slowing the subways and the cruel dark night greeting us as we emerged out of the Q at Parkside. Settle in folks, it's time to get cozy.

The early eve light revealed one curiosity however. Take a peek at this old sign on Flatbush between Parkside and Winthrop:
One of you "old-timers" has got to help me out here. I'm pretty sure this says "This Area Patrolled by Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association Security Patrol." Love that graphic! The sun, cloud and snowflake really complete the picture. But what the Sam Hill is going on here? Was there really a PLeGNA Security Patrol at some point? And what happened to them? Or was this sign an idle threat meant to scare away the more timid gangsters and thieves?

(I trust you all attended PLeGNA's General Meeting tonight at the Church of the Evangel. I couldn't go - I had Little Miss FlatBed and darned if she's not quite ready to behave in accordance with Robert's Rules.)

So I leave the comments open to you with some questions for your input:

1. Was there really a PLeGNA nabe patrol?
2. Isn't that what the cops are supposed to do de rigeur?
3. Do the drug dealers on my block drive a Ford Taurus to throw us off? Or are they just really inept drug dealers who can't afford a nicer car?
4. Is Seven Brothers discount store really owned by seven brothers? Cuz I only ever see two, and I don't think it's named after the Finnish novel by Aleksis Kivi or the delightful MGM musical from the 1950's.


babs said...

Sorry we missed you last night - we had a pretty good turnout for a cold, dark night after an absolutely gross day. Pearl Miles, District Manager of CB9, gave an introduction to the Community Board, acknowledging that PLG is under-represented on the board (although she seemed a bit vague on the neighborhood's boundaries) and Karl Cohen, President of the 71st Precinct Community Council, spoke about how we all can get more involved in neighborhood safety. Two officers from the 71st Precinct also attended, as did Gino, from Gino's on Flatbush - with pizza! Check out our website at for details of upcoming events.

I believe I have heard mention of a PLGNA Security Patrol - at one point, I think they even walked people home from the subway at night.

Ceelledee said...

Before we moved to PLG, we were told that the community had a security car service that would pick up residents at the Lincoln Road subway station and then transport them to their homes in the Manor. By the time we got here in the late 80's, that security car service was no longer in operation. (But we never moved to the Manor either). Perhaps an older oldtimer, like Bob M., might chime in here to correct or flesh out my facts.

And, Pearl, much as I love her, really doesn't have a good sense of PLG's boundaries. At a meeting with her last summer, we argued vigorously on this very subject of "where is PLG?" Pearl supported her opinion by pulling out a map and thrusting it before me. However, it was a map of the PLG Historic District -- hardly an accurate rendering of all that is PLG! Although another PLG resident in that meeting (and who lives on Parkside, east of Bedford Ave.) and I, (a resident of Ocean), tried to convince Pearl that her understanding of PLG's boundaries were not correct, she wasn't having it. Apparently, certain long held beliefs are hard to pry loose. I know. I've often been guilty of the same. LOL!

babs said...

Not only does she not think PLG extends beyond the historic district, she actually does not believe it extends beyond the Manor, once telling one of my neighbors (I'm on Lefferts between Rogers and Nostrand) that his house was not landmarked. When I mentioned to her at the meeting that Ed Fanning, who is now on the Community Board, lives in PLG, she replied, "No, Ed lives in his own neighborhood," whatever that means!