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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Class Security

Ever look up? When I first came to NYC 23 years ago I did my best not to set my gaze to the heavens, for fear of being branded a tourist. These days, I could give a rat's ass, and I notice stuff all the time. Like the above NYPD security camera. Where would YOU put one? If you guessed right outside "First Class Liquors" on Flatbush between Parkside and Winthrop, you guessed right. But did you really know it was called First Class Liquors? It's pretty much a single malt scotch joint, so they got the name right.

Who's watching that thing? Or are they just recording in case something "goes down?" Call me crazy, but I'd rather see some of the blue uniforms in person than know some snoring cop is watching a few miles away. And have you noticed how young the new cops look? Were they always that young and I just got older? There was a really tall and super skinny cop at the Q at Parkside the other night. I didn't mean to, but I burst out laughing. Seriously, he was pale white and maybe 6' 7" and his hips could barely hold up his holster. I'm pretty sure those were acne scars too. He was with a really pretty black woman cop, and the two made such a hilarious couple I wanted to write a godawful Hollywood screenplay about them. "When Foxy Met Gomer" I'd call it.

Let me know where the other security cameras are, so I'll know where not to stand when I'm selling my cracks. And speaking of looking up, how much money is in it for landlords when they sell rooftop space for cell transmitters like this?

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