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Sunday, November 7, 2010

In an Earthquake, Heads will Roll

How many people get to see this each time they walk out their door and round the corner? There's something eerie about all those heads - the lighting is super-bright, and there's a wig-helper-lady standing at the door, ready to help you with all your wigging needs. She wears that little apron, and I wonder what she keeps in its pockets. And are synthetic "half-wigs" for people who are "half-bald?" Of course I could just go in and ask, but I don't want to kill the mystery of this place, near as it is to the Sneaker King. Speaking of sneaking, remember the blackout from 2003? That night, hooligans looted the Sneaker King...almost no other store was touched. Makes sense really. Shoes are among those things that retain much of their value out on the street. From our back window you could hear kids running through the alley, one saying "I got enough for the WHOLE year!" How many pairs do you suppose that was? I haven't a clue.

Speaking of one-year spans, I'm so sick of that "Year of..." fad in nonfiction. You know what I mean. The author sets out to do something unusual for a whole year, and apparently that's reason enough to land a book deal. "The Year of Eating Dangerously," "The Year of No Carbon Footprint," "The Year of No Internet" (really? that counts?), "The Year of Using No Buttons or Zippers, only Velcro" and what have you. I've got one though. "The Year of Never Leaving Caledonian Flatbush." Really, it's all here. Hell you could live your whole life and never travel more than two or three blocks in any direction. I'm not saying it would be a particularly fulfilling life, but you could get all of life's essentials within a few hundred feet. You'd need a job, of course. Maybe Gem is hiring?

Speaking of the Gem, Merry Christmas! Judging by its window display and the decorations along Flatbush, Christmas must be any day now...

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Kim said...

about a year and a half ago, when my now 5 year old son was in his "Why?" phase, we'd pass the wig store and he would never fail to ask, "How come there's no bodeeeee? It's only a head. WHY?" It drove me crazy! Every day, sometimes twice a day for about 3 months. I make fun of him now about it and we both laugh.